Tremonti ‎- A Dying Machine

Tremonti ‎- A Dying Machine

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Title: A Dying Machine
Artist: Termonti
Genre: Rock
Label: Napalm Records
Attributes: Gatefold
UPC: 840588116898
Number of LPs: 2
Vinyl Color: Black



A1 Bringer Of War 4:53
A2 From The Sky 3:42
A3 A Dying Machine 6:19
B1 Trust 4:39
B2 Throw Them To The Lions 3:20
B3 Make It Hurt 4:12
C1 Traipse 4:23
C2 The First The Last 4:41
C3 A Lot Like Sin 4:32
C4 The Day When Legions Burned 3:09
D1 As The Silence Becomes Me 5:17
D2 Take You With Me 4:20
D3 Desolation 4:29
D4 Found 3:57