Linkin Park ‎- A Thousand Suns

Linkin Park ‎- A Thousand Suns

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Title: One Thousand Suns
Artist: Linkin Park
Genre: Rock
Label: Warner Records
Attributes: Gatefold, Misprint On Spine "ONE THOUSANDS SUNS”
UPC: 093624963189
Number of LPs: 2
Vinyl Color: Black



A1 The Requiem
A2 The Radiance
A3 Burning In The Skies
A4 Empty Spaces
A5 When They Come For Me
B1 Robot Boy
B2 Jornada Del Muerto
B3 Waiting For The End
B4 Blackout
C1 Wretches And Kings
C2 Wisdom, Justice, And Love
C3 Iridescent
D1 Fallout
D2 The Catalyst
D3 The Messenger