Pollack's Parlay

All purchases using code 'PARLAY' are 10% off!

$10 Per Sheet
You can submit more than 1 sheet at $10/sheet
Make 5 Selections only!! You can make 2 selections on the same game (spread and over/under) Counts as 2 of 5 selections
You must get all 5 selections correct to be eligible to win.
If selecting a Thursday game, payment and sheet must be complete and submitted by kickoff on Thursday.
All other sheets due and paid by Sunday at 12:50.
To be eligible for rollover pot, you must have been in the previous week (can only submit same amount of sheets as you did on rollover week).
Pushes = Loss

Venmo: alexpollack
(If on mobile device, hold QR code below to pull up venmo directly)
**Venmo now asks if a transaction is for goods/services. Select no. If you select yes it will charge a fee to me. If I get a fee, you will need to pay that or your entry will be voided and the money (minus the fee) will be sent back**

View spreadsheet of each weeks picks HERE.

 Make Picks for this week HERE or here: